Marcel & Pieter – NETHERLANDS

by Aftaab Varsally, May 25, 2016

“Dear Agnes and Rheena,

We are ‘home’ again; but strangely enough it does not feel like home.

It is a long story, but where do we begin. I suppose from the moment we walked into the arrivals hall at the airport until the moment that we were dropped off and was courteously ushered through the steps before boarding again, we can conclude that this was an eye opener for us.

In all our travels we can assure you that from our experience at least, the hotel business that we have seen can learn a lot from the Mauritian expertise, friendliness and professionalism. Not only did we feel welcome, but more so, appreciated and important. We would like to send out a personal thanks to everybody that met us and showed us around with great passion for what they do, but most amazing of all, how they do it.

Of course we would also like to thank the people in the back office that are often forgotten and last but certainly not least, Michael (and David for 1 day), for putting up with us and having so much patience and sharing their enthusiasm about Mauritius with us. Please extend our greetings to them both.

With all our love and affection, we have found our new family in Emotions.”

Marcel & Pieter

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